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Sue and Dan were very helpful in helping me make up my mind that they would be the business I would use. Sue made sure I received the color roof I wanted. Sue explained everything that would happen during the process. Justin was key to our meeting; he found the roof damaged. He was there alone with Dan until the job was completed. They made sure everything was picked up, nails and all. Professional and kind people to work with. Dan pointed out my chimney needed repair; glad he pointed that out.

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Judy M.

All of the staff at Village Roofs were delightful to work with. They are very professional, patient, responsive, and are eager to meet the project needs. We have a very detailed roof with multiple roof levels, steep pitches, and significant dormer conditions. The finished work looks great and is performing wonderfully. Thanks, Village Roofs!

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Brett A.

We lost 2 pieces of fascia off our roof peak…had a roofing company come out last week and quote to fix – $854. It was 2 pieces and had about 10 nails holding it all up, so a little sticker shocked. Dan came out today for what I thought would be just an estimate. 40 minutes later, the job is completed at a fraction of the price from competitor. Thanks so much, Village Roofs!

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Matt H.

Dan and Sue were great to work with! Dan handled all communication with our insurance company, and they both came out the day of the installation to make sure things were going well! The team who completed the roof were neat and very thoughtful in laying tarps and protecting our bushes and yard. At clean up, several walk-throughs were made of the driveway, front, and backyard with magnets to make sure no nails were left behind. This was greatly appreciated as we have a dog. We definitely recommend if you are looking for a company that is by your side from start to finish!

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K B.

Thank you, Sue and Village Roofs, for making our roof replacement an easy and accommodating experience. Your professionalism and communication were greatly appreciated! New roof and no more leaks!

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Mike G.

We just had our roof done last Friday by Village Roofs… excellent job and Sue and Doug are very knowledgeable in the industry.

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Brian B.