Roofing Maintenance: Three Ways to Take Better Care of Your Roof

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Roofing maintenance is one of the things that should be on your homeowner to-do list. But taking care of your roof doesn’t need to be time consuming or difficult. Here are our top three roofing maintenance tips that only take a little bit of time to complete but make a big difference in the lifespan and durability of your roof.

  1. Clean out your gutters—Throughout the year, make sure your gutters are free from debris and blockages. Clogged gutters can make it harder for rainwater to leave your roof, which can result in moss, mildew, and water damage.
  2. Perform visual inspections—Every few weeks, walk the perimeter of your home and perform a visual inspection of your roof from the ground. If you notice any of your shingles are buckling, curling, broken, or missing, have us come in to take a closer look.
  3. Watch for leaks—You also need to watch for signs of roof deterioration and issues from the inside. Inspect your ceilings for leaks, especially in the attic, to stay on top of signs of water damage.

On top of taking these steps, one of the best things you can do for your roof is to have it professionally inspected on a regular basis. At Village Roofs, we can perform a roofing maintenance inspection and alert you to any major signs of damage. Contact us today to schedule your inspection or to learn more about what sets us apart as a roofing contractor.