How To Choose New Siding For Your Home

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When it comes to the exterior of your home, think about how much of an impact siding can have. Your siding covers the majority of the house, so it can really make a difference! Not only can siding affect the look of your home and maximize curb appeal, but a good-quality siding can also reduce your energy bills. Siding offers extra protection against the elements and can keep the wind and cold or heat and humidity at bay.

It’s important to make sure your siding is in good shape because problems with your siding can lead to even bigger problems in your home. Some of these include issues such as mold, termites, or even structural damage. When it’s time to replace your siding, make sure you choose a top-quality product for long-lasting protection and beauty.

Most companies offer a vast selection of styles and colors when it comes to siding. White siding is a classic choice and has the highest resale value. The only issue with white is that it can be difficult to keep clean. Blues and grays are also a popular choice. Current trends tend to lean toward darker hues of blue and gray, such as navy or slate. Pair these with a classic white trim for a craftsman look. Warm shades of green can create an inviting, rustic look. Pair this with cedar trim for a rich, natural appearance.

At Village Roofs, we have experts who can show you samples and help you make the best choices for your personal style while also considering practicality and resale value.